By Cycling into Spring with us, you're directly supporting our efforts to build out non-motorized infastructure and active transportation in the city of Detroit. 

Funds from Cycle into Spring will go toward the Conner Creek Greenway, which we will be exploring on the ride! The Conner Creek Greenway was initiated by the Detroit Eastside Community Collaborative (DECC) to connect eastside residents and visitors to the Detroit River. DECC has completed eight of the nine planned miles of path to date. The first phase of the Conner Creek Greenway is the delightful little Milbank Greenway, passing through the abandoned Milbank right-of-way between Van Dyke and Conner near 8 Mile Road. Other completed sections include a mixed-use biking and walking path beginning at Conner Playfield at Conner & Harper and ending at Coleman A. Young International Airport, bike lanes along St. Jean from Mack to Jefferson, and a mixed-use biking and walking path along Conner and Clairpointe south of Jefferson, improving Maheras Gentry Park. The vision for the Conner Creek Greenway is to link all the eastside communities, social agencies, schools, recreation areas and businesses. For example, a student at Osborn High School could meet her friends at the Lipke Recreational Center, stop at the Warren Conner Shopping District and continue on to a family picnic at Maheras Gentry Park. A map of the greenway can be found here.